International cooperation

The Finnish Rose Society is a member of the World Federation of Rose Societies. We also cooperate with the four national rose societies in the other Nordic countries, through the Nordic Rose Society.  

International activities include the Nordic Rose Weekend, an event which is arranged every other year. The organisation rotates between the five Nordic countries: Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark. 

In 2025 the Nordic Rose Weekend will be held in Iceland .

The Nordic Rose project

The Nordic cooperation also includes a project which focuses on the promotion of healthy and hardy roses bred or found in the Nordic countries. As part of this Nordic Rose project, the national rose societies are building a show garden in each country, where Nordic roses are planted and displayed. The first show gardens were opened in 2018.  The Finnish show garden is currently being developed. It is called Wohls Garden and is situated in the southern part of the country, near Helsinki. The location also caters for other activities for the public.  The aim of the Nordic Rose Society is that these show gardens and the project at large will promote the growing of healthy and hardy roses on a wider scale, in these five countries and beyond.